Getting Vibey about a New Season of Life

Let’s talk energies, vibes, whatever your spiritual heart likes to call it. I am a huge believer of a “source energy” a connective, collective consciousness of people with like minded ideas and passions. B.C (before children) tapping into my intuition, my source energy was simple. I would turn on a song, hit the gym, grab a cup of coffee and let my mind sort itself out.

A.C (after children, or after double O’s arrived more like it) I barely have a moment to tap into my next sentence before it falls out of my mouth like a plate of scrambled eggs. The Universe isn’t calling on me to align someone or something the way I thought it once was. And most days I’m chugging coffee, sitting on a yoga mat, covered in 3 babies, 2 attached to my chest and using my 3rd arm to mash a broken banana back together before there is an epic toddler meltdown. Thank god for ALEXA because I don’t have to sprout that 4th arm to listen to the Moana soundtrack on repeat. Point being my tapping methods are a little skewed in this new chapter of my life.

So if you are at a place where you are feeling disconnected from your source, here is what I have been on the path to discovering..

1.)Your body, your mind, your soul all knows the answer before you do. If something doesn’t feel right anymore it probably isn’t, if the topics, people, and things that once sent you into a fit of inspiration and mouth spewing pep talks (OK speaking for myself) don’t cause that any more your perspective may be shifting. Either its time to look at those things from a different angle, maybe delve deeper into a different aspect of said thing OR maybe your heart is trying to find something else to feed its soul for the time being. Just because something doesn’t feel right now, doesn’t mean it wont feel right later. Just don’t shun your instincts especially when they usually come naturally without having to spend the time tapping into them.

2.) Speaking of Pep Talk, when was your last? I’m a little obsessed with Pep Talks, and by obsessed I mean obsessed with giving them. In my current season of life there are days where I feel like an alien in my own skin. Wether its getting used to SAHM life, going from helping make people feel like the best versions of themselves all day to not having an adult conversation until 10pm at night, or literally ignoring my inner dialogue because when there are 3 small humans that depend on you around the clock I just assumed I could float on by. But the truth is this if your current reality has shifted and you aren’t keeping up with inspiring, or pep talking yourself through your new phase of life you will most definitely feel like an alien and how do you know how to pep talk yourself when you don’t remember or know the current version of you!? We most definitely cannot float through our seasons assuming we aren’t evolving and changing. With change comes a new sense of self, and re acquaintance with the things that make us whole. The Universe only knows how to deliver if it knows the recipient. IF you have checked out spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, pep talk the sh*t out of yourself again and let the universe know where it can find you.

3.) Pay attention to the Clues and Connections the Universe has shown you and Reflect on the ones you have already experienced. The funny thing about being tapped into your source energy is its not like it just goes away because we choose to check out, or we’ve got too much static to hear it. Its constantly trying to help us out and feed our souls. As I am somewhat nearing 1 year of of a new phase, trying to fight off change and ignoring my personal needs. I am in awe at things that have seemed to fall into place, connections that have been made, words from strangers I didnt know I needed to hear. Some clues left 10 months ago, some left weeks and days ago, so many I’m still discovering as I allow myself to be guided once more by my intuition. Its so easy in any transitional life period to feel like all the connections you once made, all the clues once left well, where the hell are they now!? Where did your tribe go. Why aren’t we receiving from the universe anymore!? My down fall? I stopped giving attention to the right things, I never let my perspective shift and so the clues were invisible. Don’t let yourself get to that place.

4.) “Your VIBE attracts your TRIBE.” Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. How many times have we all heard this. Here is the deal though. Sometimes your “TRIBE” looks differently then the one you were envisioning. So I had to shift my expectation of the word “TRIBE”, I now define that word as the daily reward. My daily reward looks different from day to day. It could be cooperating babies and toddlers, a meaningful conversation, a daydreaming session, someones live video or social media post that touched home, an un-intrusive outing with my identical twins and toddler. Stop expecting your VIBE to only attract PEOPLE into your world, and accept that sometimes your vibe is going to attract the things you need the most that day. IF you keep your vibe positive, open-minded, and most of all self-accepting your “TRIBE” will come in all forms and it will most definitely build you the village you need to survive this season.

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  1. Darby Brown on February 14, 2018 at 10:44 pm

    👏👏👏👏 can’t wait for more! I can relate to number 1.

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