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The Beauty of the Mind and Overcoming Obstacles

I have been reflecting on so many of my life’s stepping stones that have brought me to this moment in time. Tapping into a different side of myself as a mother. A woman with new capabilities and a new sense of humbling. The hurdles of the last year growing with a toddler and two babies. Further back my twin pregnancy and delivery, and even further my love for my career that put me in tune with so many facets of people and things that truly inspire me and make me feel whole.

The beauty of the mind reveals itself from knowing the hurdles of today will not be our hurdles of tomorrow. Just when we think we can’t take it any more and we are at a breaking point the mind shows us our true strengths. That we are in fact capable of getting through the trenches and we will always rise above. We will wake up to another day, our view clearer then the day before. Sometimes this means clear enough to steer us head first into our next trench but that is what our life’s journey is about. The seemingly unbearable is only a moment in time, and our true self is always revealed when it’s gone. Don’t be defined by losing your footing in these trenches. Fight to write the definition that shocks yourself. That you can be so proud of achieving, conquering, and becoming. Keep climbing and don’t let go!

Growing up with a military dad I always remember him saying “adapt and overcome.” Not harshly, just simply stated. This is something that rings in me everyday. It has given me mindfulness when I needed it most. There are never permanent situations, permanent circumstances, or even permanent feelings. When life shocks us, elates us, tests us, and pushes us there is no simpler approach. We will adapt. We will overcome. And that is the beauty of it all.

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