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These 3 Items are Taking Our “We are the Dinosaurs” Obsession to the Next Level.

Yes. There is a book that goes along with the song and I may enjoy it more than our toddlers. Especially when I have marched around the kitchen island 17 times and I’m ready to sit down. The content and illustrations are adorable in this book adapted from the song by Laurie Berkner and my boys seem to love the big eyed cheeky dinos Ben Clanton created. I didnt even second guess throwing this in my Amazon cart when I stumbled upon it. Click on the picture to get you and your littles a different dose of the obsession.

Nothing makes my toddlers distracted enough to choke down their vegetables more than playing “We are the Dinosaurs” during mealtimes. They march those cherry tomatoes promptly into their mouths like good little dinos, or quickly spit it back out onto the floor because well dinos like cheerios. Either way this silicone plate helps to keep as much of their food on the table and in the highchairs as possible and we can’t get enough of filling this cutie with different foods even if they are just admired or swept up.

I drop baby dino off at preschool, I march baby dinos up the stairs for nap. And my 1 year old boys communicate with their 3 year old brother through roaring right now. Scouting pinterest for fun summer outdoor play I stumbled on this pin for Dino Eggs! And of course my dinos needed their very own mini dinos, and eggs!! All you need is water, latex balloons, (I skipped the glitter for mess sake), and mini dinos! So for about $9 on Amazon you can be the proud owner of 75 of them just like us. They worked perfect for our dino eggs, and my boys love putting them in their kinetic sand for even more “realistic” dino play. These are both great sensory play ideas as well for your littles. Just don’t forget your theme song.

I hope you and your little Dino or few enjoy making some prehistoric memories!

This post contains affiliate links to products I and my family love and use!

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