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What Happened to your Girl Gang? Are You Still a Supporting Member?

Its 2018 and the year has been strong and full of FEMALE. Social media is full of girl gang memes, boss babes, and “tribes” of women working together for the betterment of of each others causes big or small. This year I have watched myself and close friends experience career shifts, grow their families, battle with health issues, start new adventures in life and through passionate business pursuits and nothing has stuck out more than the support they receive or should receive, after all it’s generally visible at the bottom of our screens and posts.

We are losing the excuses as a “Boss Babe” society to not support our fellow female. In an age of social media where content and our mobile devices are constantly at our fingertips, and support is given as easily as a tap. Where a text, an IG message, Facebook message, or Snapchat can all be done in a matter of seconds. It begins to seperate your supportive “Girl Gang” rather quickly. For any woman embarking on an exciting life change those things can mean the world. We no longer can claim the blind eye to a fellow females venture and why would we? We are building a tribe, right?

We must lend our support where we can! Everyone is busy. As women we are juggling more rolls then we ever have sucking up our time, and energy. We need to support and love one the woman in our lives the way that suits our schedules. We can’t forget the power we have during this whole “The Force is Female” movement. The fellow females in our life may be experiencing things we know nothing about, but we shouldn’t shy away because our relationship or connection has become altered. We should use the new unknown as an opportunity to grow our relationships not shun them. Professionally or personally. Support is Support, and we all want to feel as if we still have a fellow sister to turn to.

What’s stopping us from sharing and recommending? Liking, Loving, and Commenting? How many women do we know with side hustles or starting their own gigs. If it’s not for you it’s for someone else so what’s stopping us from letting others know? Too often we rehash old memories of rejection or fear of judgement. But when did sharing someone’s personal business like photography, baking, or haircare become a feared thing. What about the gorgeous fashion blogger, talented hairstylist, world traveler, culinary professional, or plant/dog/baby momma who posted her 17th picture today of the things that make her heart sing, doesn’t she deserve our support or are we assuming she has enough? We aren’t entitled to the assumptions of others, we are only entitled to our happiness and the way we make others feel. When we choose to continually speak into someones life positively, or help to highlight their pursuits for the outside world, we are only sending a message to the universe for all the “good vibes.” And “our vibe attracts our tribe” right?

We never know what the pages of our tomorrow hold. What our life circumstances will bring and while our “close girl gang” will be ever evolving the ones who leave an impression on our hearts and on our paths should always be cherished and kept “Boss Babe” status. Be the woman that leaves an impression too. The woman that puts her own self doubt and insecurities behind her for the good of another. The kind of woman that brings light into a room and to friendships. The go to gal for all the things that make you so wonderfully you! We all offer a uniqueness that’s true to us. We have different life experiences and life travels. But the one thing known for sure is we all experience the tough trials, the dark moments, and the mountain shouting type of joy. We can’t afford to throw our “tribes” out the window every time we get uneasy of growth and change, ours or theirs.

So fellow “Girl Gang” member, let’s do this together. For each other, for the betterment of you, me, and her. For the littles, for the lifetime, for the foundation of tomorrows unknown. Bitter is never better. Lets vow to support each other with the genuinity of our true selves, and with the actions that will create ripples of attraction for a true “girl gang” thats here to stay and a happiness we as a member won’t be left second guessing. We weren’t meant to do this alone.

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