Power Packed Oatmeal For Momma and the Babes

Good Morning Momma, OR whatever hour of the day you are enjoying this. I want to remind you that morning don’t have to be rushed or stressful with breakfasts. There are alternatives and healthy shortcuts to fuel everyone to conquer the day. I am no chef, but I wanted to throw this recipe out there to help you through your morning, and fill those adorable bellies and give momma some GO for the day! Oatmeal is such a fast staple in our house. Gone are the days of chocking down globs of cold oatmeal our mothers made. There are so many more recipes and alternatives out there the whole family can enjoy.

My mornings usually consist of 3 Tiny Male humans yelling in some form words, and babble about where is there breakfast! So time is of the essence. This is our go to Power Packed Oatmeal Recipe you can whip together in no joke, 8 minutes or less.

What We Use for 1 Adult, one 3 year old and two one year olds:

Bring Your quick oats to a Boil and once cooked you can begin to add the rest of your ingredients! Feel free to make more or less! And add or alter!

Quality ingredients matter when you are nourishing your body to chase littles all day, nurse babies, and little brains are growing. Nutiva is a company I can get behind from there sourcing to the processing. When it comes to choosing a protein powder our family has tried to incorporate so many into our diet, when we landed on Ora we knew we found our match. I feel comfortable feeding it to my little guys because there are absolutely no chemicals, artificial ingredients, or sweeteners. A true plant based protein with 1g of sugar, that we all think tastes like pure chocolate! Chocolate for breakfast when you are a toddler is a definite hit and scores mom some serious brownie points!

Enjoy your Breakfast Momma!

This post contains affiliate links to products my family and I love, trust, and use on a daily basis!

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