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How I Stay Fresh, Energetic, and Healthy as a Busy Mom of 3

Lets talk about a Mommas Health. Is it not the one thing we typically put on the back burner when we start to get busy with multiple children. Raise your hand if you have found yourself binge eating those sugary treats in the pantry, skipping out on meals and much needed water, as well as feeling so exhausted from the day to day you just cant find the energy for one more task let alone work out. Well Im here to tell you this doesn’t have to be the way! You can create a health ritual that works for you and your busy schedule to get back to feeling like that fresh, energetic Momma you once were.

Supplements are key when time is lacking and your diet is limited. In my case that was becoming dairy free, on my nursing journey, while already having a vegetarian diet. I fought the supplement train for so long. I was so keen on sticking to just getting my nutrients from whole foods, and I could never find the perfect protein powder. Everything always seemed chalky, overly sweet, or artificial in taste. But when my diet and skin started suffering, and I started lacking the energy and mental clarity I needed to chase 3 boys around all day I knew things had to change.

That’s when I discovered Ora Organics. Ora is an amazing company created by foodies looking to replace synthetic supplements and, boy have they hit the jack pot!

This is my Ora Organics health ritual:

  • Way Better Than Whey Vegan Protein Powder: This powder packs a punch with 22g of protein, only 1g of sugar, and 20+ superfoods. I can ensure by body is getting the nutrients it needs to support hair, skin, nails, and muscle recovery among many other things! I can mix in a smoothie for meal replacement or drink it in between meals or on the go as a quick way to curb cravings. Chocolate and Vanilla Chai are my absolute favorite flavors.
  • Renewable Energy Organic and Vegan Pre-Workout Supplement: Having a Pre-Workout when you arent even sure if you can fit your workout in made me a little weary however I went for it and Im so glad I did. Im able to drink it for those late night, or nap time workouts when I just don’t think I have it in me. And I also drink this instead of multiple coffees on the days I know Im going to need an extra boost to chase all my littles. It doesn’t leave me feeling jittery and the ingredients have been studied to show a reduce in fatigue, improvement in focus, and shown to even relive stress!
  • Easy Being Green Organic Alkaline Greens Powder: Lets talk about DETOX. Are you getting those veggies in Momma? Hows your skin looking, how are you truly feeling? Those secret pantry snacks and wine sips weighing you down? Sometimes we have to make sure we are doing what we can to detoxify our bodies when we have slipped into unhealthy habits. Sneak this greens powder into a smoothie to get those antioxidants in, improve your immune system for those cold cycles the little ones bring, and once again treat yourself to good, clean ingredients that support stress relief!
  • Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder: Because gut health is important and no one warned me after having little ones this may change! You will seriously have to check out all the goodness but lets just say Im keeping my mood in check and fighting of viral, bacterial, and fungal infections while keeping my digestive track happy and my hormonal skin in check.

The better we feel on the inside the more productive as parents we become. Save time, add the supplements, and stop telling yourself you will get healthy tomorrow. Make the choice today. I can’t tell you enough about how good it feels!

Ora is one of the 5 subscriptions that have made motherhood easy peezy for me in these early years. You can save 20% on all your orders!

Enjoy Feeling Fresh and energized Momma!

This post contains affiliate links to product my family and I love, trust, and use on the daily!

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