Busy Babes

Creepy Paper Plate Spiders for Toddlers

What you need for your Creepy Paper Plate Spiders

  • 1 or more excited toddlers who are more than likely ripping at the seems from being inside
  • Small Black Paper Plates
  • Google Eyes in assorted sized and colors
  • Pipe Cleaners in Black or Sparkly Colors
  • Sparkly Glue Pens
  • Elmers Glue

*Bonus a hot glue gun works great for attaching pipe cleaner legs. Just keep out of reach of toddler. You can let them pretend to attach the legs with Elmers Glue but we all know that’s not going to happen. I made the dots and let my little guy hand me the legs he wanted to attach.


So where to begin?

  • Pick out your black paper plate (they may look different in the eyes of your little one)
  • Count out some eyes. 2,4,6,8 who knows they have a lot right?

*Tip we poured a little Elmers glue on an extra plate and used an old paintbrush so my toddler could easily paint the glue in the general area of where he wanted his google eyes.

  • Make that Spider Smile! Use those glitter pens to create creepy smiles, fangs, or a Gold Tooth for the flashy Spider.
  • Pick out 4 Pipe Cleaner in a color, or sparkle of your choice. Cut in half and add a slight bend or wiggle with your thumb.
  • Turn Paper Plate over and either Elmers glue or hot glue legs on.
  • Let Dry.










Enjoy Your Creepy Spiders! and the 15-20 minutes your toddler(s) were busy!


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