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The “True” Grit of Motherhood

What is Grit?

Grit /grit/: Noun

Courage and Resolve or Strength of Character.

“Passion and Perseverance for long term goals, stamina, sticking with your future day in day out. Living life like its a marathon not a sprint.” –Angela Lee Duckworth A Ted Talk on Grit

Lets bring this full circle to motherhood. You see the idea of Grit in the workforce was something I had down. Most of us have experienced a true perseverance in our long term career goals and it built our character. It gave us the courage to pursue climbing our work ladders, stepping out on our own, and we can all probably attest to sticking with it day in and day out for the sake of chasing dreams.

Enter the Season of Motherhood. Where our dreams from childhood have finally come true, we birth beautiful babies. We are miracle working mothers, our children our perfectly behaved, dressed, and dinner is always on the table in a spotless house by 6 pm. We float around beautifully dressed, with our hair done, make-up polished, and we carry every bit of our pre-baby interests with us.

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