Yes, I do have my hands full that's stating the obvious! But if you are new here and want to know more then what meets the eye let me fill you in. My name is Raihna, I am a mom to 3 amazing little boys. A set of identical twin 1 year olds and a 3 year old. I am a wife to my highschool sweetheart. And most importantly I am a woman learning to navigate all things motherhood, and purpose. I left an amazing career as a stylist and salon manager/coach to stay home after the arrival of my twin boys. As a perfectionist and a planner this was not in my plan and it has taken me some time to shift my focus and continue what fulfills my "why" in this season of life.

I am passionate about finding the things that make a person light up, about learning what makes a person who they truly are, the dreams people want to accomplish, the triumphs they have endured and want to continue slaying. Big or small! Discovering your "Why" and owning it and applying it to every season of life.

Parenting can be one of the hardest transitions. It can cause you to feel alone, and isolated while also being so heart fulfilling. Its no suprise when you become a mother your tribe changes a little. Maybe you arent as close with the women in your life anymore, or don't have support of close family and friends. Whatever it may be I have discovered there is an amazing community of moms at our fingertips. Just like GOOGLE! Just waiting to build our current tribe and support this motherhood journey.

So I created Word to Your Moms. A space for wanna be moms, new moms, moms, moms of multiples to share in motherhood. If I can make one mommas life easier that day, or uplift another woman by sharing this season of life I would be thrilled. I am pro intuitive motherhood. You do you momma! Follow along for the grit, the joy, and the making of a mom! .

📸 Photo Credit: @megansimpsonphoto