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Our Top Book Pick for Siblings of Multiples

Two Boring Twin Brothers“>”Two Boring Twin Brothers” written by Katelyn Halko was everything we needed it to be for our 2 year old who became a big brother to not one but two little brothers just 14 days after he turned 2.

After what felt like the longest search looking for a book a new older sibling of twins could relate to we finally found it. When the world as a Singleton suddenly gets turned upside down! Katelyn Halko takes a creative approach to explaining the new norm to your litte one with some hilarious truths, including why mommy and daddy may be a little crabby, all while making sure the joys are still highlighted. It’s an easy read, and great for young ages!

So no more settling for books about becoming older siblings to singletons.

This post contains affiliate link to our favorite twin siblings book!

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