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The Breastfed Babies Favorite Bottles

“What if my baby doesn’t take a bottle?” All nursing mom’s have that worry. Lets face it when it comes to getting time to ourselves, or returning to work, a top priority is full bellies for our babies! We would rather not picture our babies screaming in hunger or our loved ones covered in our breast milk and baby tears trying to feed them while we are gone.

I curated a list on behalf of the breastfed babies in my life to help ease your mind as you prepare to leave your baby.

Munchkin Latch: With it’s ultra flexible nipple and accordion style base your baby will love to move it around and press his nose in just like a real breast. The nipple sits up higher then most bottles as well giving your little a nice barrier between nipple and hard plastic. Anti colic valve on bottom keeps the air hole out of the nipple making for cleaner feeds for caretakers. Bonus the bottles easily transition into sippy cups and the hourglass shape is perfect for little hands as they learn to hold it themselves. You can get an attachment lid that allows you to pump right into them for quick easy storage and preparation.

Comotomo Baby Bottles: Made entirely soft except for the plastic ring that holds the nipple on, making tricking them into thinking they are kneading at their beloved boob even easier. The nipple is shaped more like an actual nipple, round but with a flat tip. The closer to the real deal the better! The whole bottle is basically a squishy oval making clean up super easy as well. They keep it simple coming in both green and pink bottle designs.

Nuk Simply Natural: Has a basic bottle design with slight grooves, which seems to work well as your little one learns to hold it by themselves. The nipple design however is what the breastfed baby seems to love! It mimics the shape your babies sucking turns your nipple into in their mouths while they are nursing, and it has multiple tiny holes for the milk to come out of to mimic a moms flow. The nipple is also super flexible and when they get their sucking reflex going it moves with them nicely.

Tommee Tippee: Is shaped very similar to a breast as well, with a wider nipple it makes latching nice and easy for a baby who is used to Mom. It has great stretch as well for a babe getting comfortable drinking milk from and artificial nipple. My breast fed babies seem to love the hourglass shapes of bottles which this also has. One looked over bonus when comparing to other bottles, the wideness of the bottle made it easy to pour breastmilk into without the worry of tipping over. Same goes for babies when learning to sit it down or using it during mealtimes this one wasn’t knocked over as quickly as the others, and with the simple addition of Tommee Tippee bottle handles it makes things a whole lot easier for your transitioning baby.

From a mom who has tried all of these and more, my advice would be to start with a small set or single bottles first. Once you find the one you love, most bottle companies make gift sets that include all the fun extras like pacifiers, teethers, bottle brushes, pump attachments, extra nipples and some even include warmers and pouches! As your baby get used to moving between breast and bottle, and is beginning to age out of the bottle phase they wont care as much what bottle you hand them as long as it has the goods in it, so any failed first bottles wont go to waste for long. I hope this helps to put you at ease as you prepare to transition back to work or just some regular you time!

Welcome to the World of Bottles Momma! Good Luck!

This post contains Affiliate Links to products I and my family love and use!

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