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5 Essential #Momlife Subscription Services to Survive the First Year with Multiples.

The First Year of Parenthood can be rough, and the first year with multiple little ones under the age of 3 can be even tougher. Not only are you grasping at this new found identity, juggling tantrums and blowouts, but you are maintaining a household as well. Some days even bravely taking your small tribe out into the world to attempt to get your shopping lists complete. For myself 3 under 3 in the first year looked like a 2 year old and a set of identical twins. Going to the store was daunting! These are the subscriptions and services that saved my sanity, time, and provided some much needed self love as well.

Amazon Prime. Need I say more? But really prime video, music, reading, pantry, and free 2 day shipping just to name a handful of things I lived for. We ordered a majority of our household staples using subscribe and save including toilet paper, coffee, laundry soap, diaper genie refills. When certain needs pop up such as suddenly needing an abundance of laundry baskets (3 boys, under 3 you guys laundry is no joke), crafting Halloween costumes, someone suddenly outgrew their snow boots. Or maybe you need to order the birthday party gifts you forgot to buy when you were in the store with your little time bombs. One click shopping with limited wait time untill its all at your door step is such a relief! Plus Amazons original kids series “Stinky and Dirty” has become my nursing theme song. Just kidding but it did save me in those early days keeping my oldest out of mischief for 20 minutes while I navigated nursing his twin brothers. Try it out free for 30 days!

Speaking of relief. Have you heard of Little Spoon yet? It is a baby food delivery service that honestly saved me hours upon hours of baby food prep for my twin duo when they started on foods. I love to know what goes into my babies food and want to make sure I can trust the ingredients. I started out batch making food using my beloved Infantino squeeze maker. It would take me an entire day to steam, blend, cook, and pouch everything only to find out I had only made my twin duo food for 4 days. The cost, time commitment, and stress of wondering if they were getting enough variety was getting out of hand. That is when I discovered Little Spoon. An allergy friendly baby food company that expertly crafts fresh baby food blends delivered straight to your door (packaged and tiny spoon included). Little Spoon utilizes a panel of nutritional experts to customize a nutritional blueprint keeping baby gaining weight and supporting all growing functions. As well as keeps blends adventurous and fun to keep baby expanding its taste preferences. With two premature babies to worry about this completely put my mind at ease and was beyond convenient. Use code WORDTOYOURMOMS for 15% your first order.

I had baby nutrition covered but what about mine! Nursing 2 babies is no joke, mom life in general is no joke. Finding time to pack in the nutrients that I needed to sustain my nursing journey and my energy levels was getting tough. We discovered early on that our twin boys had a strong dairy allergy, and pair that with my already vegetarian diet I needed a solution. After trying multiple supplements and protein powders from brands I loved I finally stumbled on a company and taste I could get behind, Ora Organics. Their So Lean, So Clean organic, plant based superfood protein powder was a life saver. With 22 grams of protein, digestive support (so crucial postpartum), and no artificial anything or added sugar I was so thankful for the support this supplement gave me. Chocolate, and Vanilla Chai are absolutely delicious and easily blendable into other recipes (follow-up post soon). I was able to bundle my protein, greens (for immune and energy support), and pre/probitoics delivered right to my door monthly for 20% off. Check Ora Organics out here to subscribe for your 20% off. You will be thankful you did!

What about the rest of our groceries? By the time you make it to the grocery store you only have so much time before someone needs to nurse again, use the potty, or wants to sleep and or rip everything off of the shelves. We have and awesome grocery delivery service in our area Instacart. You pay $14.99 a month for free unlimited deliveries over $30 dollars and tipping of course. You can shop from a variety of stores including Whole Foods, Sprouts, Natural Grocers, King Soopers, Safeway, and in some areas even Costco! All delivered right to your door in most cases within the hour. You can keep in touch with your shopper through a messaging system, and they will keep you updated on any swaps or out of stock items. Oh and in most cases you still get sale prices! Check them out here for $10 off your first order!

Last on the list may not be an every month sort of thing but I truly was so very thankful for this service on the off chance I could get out of the house and take of my mom uniform. Stitch Fix kept me from feeling dated, and uncomfortable in my post partum body. I was able to work with my stylist for my likes and dislikes. As well as let her know what I felt most comfortable in including the fit of clothes and needing nursing friendly options. They typically send you 5 pieces for a $25 styling fee. You try on everything in the comfort of your home then ship back (free of charge) what you don’t love. Your $25 then gets credited towards what you keep. I was beyond thrilled with the pieces that I received. I focused on asking for and keeping staple pieces I could mix and match for girls night, date night, or day to day that isn’t crawling around on the floor. Think slides, kimonos, a go to blouse, and a great fitting pair of jeans or shorts. You wont ever be caught feeling like you have nothing to wear when something comes up and the stress of wrangling littles and your new body in the dressing room is a thing of the past. Check them out here for $25 off your first styled box!

I would have not made it through the first years with 3 under 3 without these subsciption in my life. I am thankful everyday we are in an era where things like this exist when Mom Life is in full force!

Happy “shopping” Momma!


This post contains affiliate links to products I love, trust, and use on the daily to get through this mom life!

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